2007 Hot Wheels RLC

2007 Hot Wheels RLC

25 models were released in the 2007 Hot Wheels RLC. RLC stands for Red Line Club, the Hot Wheels collectors club. RLC members have access to a variety of exclusive miniatures, including classic car models, racing vehicles and never-before-seen concept cars.

These are the 2007 Hot Wheels RLC:

2007 Hot Wheels RLC details:

Membership cars

  1. Volkswagen Drag Truck – Chrome with black top and a red stripe
  2. Volkswagen Drag Truck – Spectraflame red with black top and a white stripe
  3. Volkswagen Drag Truck – Spectraflame blue with black top and a white stripe
  4. Volkswagen Drag Truck – Spectraflame purple with black top and a white stripe


This series has 5 models that where chosen by collectors at hotwheelscollectors.com through a popular vote.

  1. Bone Shaker – Spectraflame blue and black, with white graphics
  2. Volkswagen Karmann Ghia – Spectraflame orange with black and chrome trims
  3. ’69 Pontiac GTO – Spectraflame blue with white graphics and chrome trims
  4. Bye-Focal – Spectraflame blue with dark blue flames and chrome trims
  5. Custom ’69 Chevy – Spectraflame blue with white stripes and chrome wheels


The rewards series were bonus cars released on hotwheelscollectors.com

  1. ’36 Ford Coupe – Flat Black with red and white graphics and chrome trims
  2. Classic Cord – Dark green with light green flames and chrome trims
  3. Mustang Mach 1 – Yellow with black and white stripes
  4. Custom Corvette – White with blue graphics, number 4 and sponsors’ logos on sides

Real Riders

  1. Volkswagen Drag Bus – Spectraflame orange with ghost flames on sides
  2. ’50s Chevy Truck – Spectraflame brown with gold graphics and chrome trims
  3. ’55 Chevy Panel – White and Spectraflame blue with red stripe on top, hot wheels logo, number 39, and sponsors’ logos on sides.
  4. ’70 Plymouth Superbird – Spectraflame olive with black trims
  5. Ramp Truck – White and Spectraflame purple with chrome trims
  6. Blast Lane – Spectraflame blue with red, yellow, and white details and chrome trims


  1. Beach Bomb Pickup – Spectraflame green with black and white stripes
  2. Sand Crab – Spectraflame green with light green pinstripes
  3. Custom Pontiac Firebird – Spectraflame black with red stripes and chrome trims
  4. Purple Passion Convertible – Spectraflame purple with light purple graphics
  5. ’68 Chevy El Camino – Spectraflame brown with flames in different brown tones
  6. Olds 442 Police Cruiser – Spectraflame smoke and white with white graphics and Hot Wheels Police written on sides


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2. Photos: Mattel Creations

Thanks to Daniel from @dcscollectionbr for his help finding all the photos. Click here to see his Instagram with photos of various miniatures and live diecast hunts in the USA.