Hot Wheels Gulf

Every Gulf Model released by Hot Wheels since 1994.

Diecast Miniatures

Diecast Miniatures collecting is fascinating. As a collector since my childhood, I have always been curious to learn more about the models represented by each miniature, and also about the miniature brands. And that’s how I started this blog a few years ago. During my research, I started with the brand that marked my childhood, Matchbox , and then moved on to Hot Wheels , the brand that dominates the current market for miniature vehicles. And I also discovered many brands that I had never heard of and that are still on the market, and also brands that appeared and, unfortunately, disappeared due to competition, but that left a history and marked the childhood of many people.

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the market leader, Hot Wheels. With a complete archive, we list all Treasure Hunts released since 1995, and Super Treasure Hunts from 2007 , with photos from 2016 on. And we also made a page of exclusive models from the Red Line Club , the exclusive club for Hot Wheels collectors , showing photos of each of the models released by the club since 2002.

So that’s it, if you are also curious to know more about diecast miniatures, take a look at the website, visit Featured Miniatures and History and Curiosities to learn more about this world that is so cool to be part of.