History and Curiosities

History and Curiosities

Hot Wheels NFT Garage

Hot Wheels NFT Garage - find out everything about the collection of Hot Wheels miniatures, now virtually, and understand how it works!
o que é hot wheels sth? What is hot wheels treasure hunt?

What is Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt?

What are hot wheels treasure hunts? Learn all about the TH and STH. See how it all started and learn how to identify them.
how to identify rare hot wheels

How to identify rare Hot Wheels?

Identifying a rare Hot Wheels is not that simple as there are several factors that determine the rarity of a model. Click to learn more.
o que são escalas what are scales que son las escalas

What are scales?

Scales are used to enlarge or reduce an object. Find out how they work and how they are used in the manufacture of diecast miniatures.
como identificar um hot wheels sth

How to identify Treasure Hunts (Hot Wheels)?

How to identify Hot Wheels STH? Check what to look for on the card and miniature to see if it's a treasure hunt or super treasure hunt.
História da Roly Toys

The history of Roly Toys

They were the first Brazilian manufacturer of diecast miniatures and, later, the Matchbox distributor in Brazil.
o que é hot wheels id what is hot wheels id

What is Hot Wheels ID?

What is Hot Wheels id? Released in 2019, Hot Wheels ID enabled the interactive use of HWs with race tracks through an app.
história da matchbox

Matchbox History

Learn about Matchbox history, how it started, the first releases, major changes over the years and much more.
história da hot wheels history

Hot Wheels History

Hot Wheels history: take a look at how did it start, the early releases, major changes over the years, and much more.
red line club

Hot Wheels Red Line Club

Hot Wheels Red Line Club is an exclusive Hot Wheels Collectors club. Check out the benefits and advantages of being a member.
diecast miniatures miniaturas diecast

The world of diecast miniatures

The world of diecast miniatures is fascinating. See how it all started! From the first miniatures manufactured to the current ones.