Hot Wheels Red Line Club

red line club

Hot Wheels Red Line Club

What is the Red Line Club?

Red Line Club , also known as RLC, is an exclusive Hot Wheels Collectors club . Club members have access to pre-sale exclusive miniatures. Founded in the early 2000s, the RLC operated from a special website and was launched as a place to gather collectors, talk about the brand through forums, and sell exclusive, limited-edition merchandise. 

How much does it cost?

Subscription costs (in 2022) $9.99 per year. For an extra $20.00 you also get the Membership Car Kit. It includes an exclusive miniature, a club exclusive commemorative button, and a commemorative patch. However, the subscription with the kit is only available at the beginning of the year, as the kit sells out quickly.


One of the main benefits of the club is access to Hot Wheels Collectors special editions that are released throughout the year. These miniatures are highly collectible and usually sell out in a matter of minutes due to limited print runs. Because of that not every member will be able to get the special editions. You’ll have the chance to purchase it before non-club members though.

However, all members have the chance to purchase the club-exclusive miniatures (RLC Club-exclusive cars). These miniatures are released throughout the year and all members who order, within the given time period, will receive the miniature. They are produced according to the number of orders.

In addition, members have access to exclusive content that features articles and interviews, access to the forum and participation in the RLC SELECTIONs process, which helps in the process of creating exclusive club miniatures through votes, where you can select vehicles, colors and wheels.

How to sign in?

To subscribe, simply signin at Mattel Creations, open an account and then purchase the subscription.

Click here to see the list of all RLCs released throughout the years.


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