2010 Super Treasure Hunts

2010 Super Treasure Hunts

These are the Super Treasure Hunts from 2010:

  • Custom ’53 Cadillac – Metallic pink with White & Yellow flames outlined in Purple. Clear windows and grey interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Chevroletor – Dark red and white with White to Yellow to Orange to Red Fire. Tinted yellow windows and chrome interior. Chrome wheels with red rims.
  • Classic Packard – Metallic blue and black roof with White & Light Blue pinstriping. Silver door handles, tinted blue windows and blue interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Ratbomb – Silver with Black and red details, “TH” logo, red engine. Tinted red windows. Black wheels with red rims.
  • Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe – Orange with white and blue stripes. Tinted windows and chrome interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Gangster Grin – Metallic purple with Blue and Green tribal design outlined in Pink and Peach. Tinted blue windows and blue interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Ford GTX1 – Metalflake royal blue with Sliver and blue stripes across the car, detailing TH Logo on doors. Clear windows and chrome interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Old Number 5.5 – Red with gold, black and chrome details. Black seats, red wheels, and white tires.
  • ’69 Ford Torino Talladega – Metallic dark green with White, Gold, Silver, and Black details. ‘J.P. Automotive’ and sponsor logos on sides, ’68’ Racing Deco on sides and top. Clear windows and black interior, black wheels, ‘Eagle’ and ‘Goodyear’ written on tires.
  • Chevy Camaro Concept – Metallic orange and white with white stripes and details. Tinted windows and pearl white interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Baja Beetle – Yellow and black with black, blue and yellow design. Yellow interior and chrome wheels.
  • ’69 Ford Mustang – Green with black flames. Clear windows and green interior. Chrome wheels.

The Treasure Hunts Series started in 1995. There were several changes until we reached the current series, divided between the Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts.

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