2018 Hot Wheels RLC

2018 Hot Wheels RLC

2018 Hot Wheels RLC. RLC stands for Red Line Club, the Hot Wheels collectors club. RLC members have access to a variety of exclusive miniatures, including classic car models, racing vehicles and never-before-seen concept cars.

These are the 2018 Hot Wheels RLC:

2018 Hot Wheels RLC details

Membership cars

  1. Datsun Bluebird 510 – Spectraflame olive with black roof.


This series has 1 model that was chosen by collectors at hotwheelscollectors.com through a popular vote.

  1. Custom ’72 Datsun 240Z – Spectraflame blue

2018 RLC Series

  1. Custom T-Bird – Spectraflame Olive with black roof.
  2. Custom Cougar – Spectraflame orange with black roof.
  3. Volkswagen T1 Rockster – Hand-made prototype – Made with resin. Light blue.
  4. ’71 Datsun 510 – Spectraflame pink with white roof.
  5. Custom Corvette – Spectraflame red.
  6. Datsun 240Z – Spectraflame red with black hood and roof.
  7. Custom Camaro – Hand-made prototype – Made with resin. Light blue.
  8. Custom Firebird – Spectraflame blue.
  9. Custom Eldorado – Spectraflame magenta with black roof.
  10. Cheetah – Spectraflame red with black roof.
  11. Silhouette – Spectraflame green.
  12. Custom Barracuda – Spectraflame blue.
  13. Hi-Po Hauler – Spectraflame orange.
  14. Steam Punk Truck – Hand-made prototype – Made with resin. Light blue, red, and white.
  15. Volkswagen T1 Rockster – White and spectraflame blue.
  16. Classic TV Series Batmobile – Spectraflame pink.
  17. Custom Camaro – Ransburg white.
  18. Texas Drive ‘Em – Spectraflame red and white.’17 Ford F-150 Raptor – Spectraflame blue

Original Sixteen Box Set

Original Sixteen or Sweet Sixteen is what the first 16 Hot Wheels models released by Mattel in 1968 are called.

In November 2018, Mattel released a commemorative edition that included a display and replica of these 16 models. The set was sold at the time for $499.99 and was limited to 1500 units.

 2018 hot wheels rlc
Original Sixteen Display


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Thanks to Daniel from @dcscollectionbr for his help finding all the photos. Click here to see his Instagram with photos of various miniatures and live diecast hunts in the USA.