2024 Hot Wheels RLC

The 2024 Hot Wheels RLC models released throughout the year will be updated frequently here. RLC stands for Red Line Club, the Hot Wheels collectors club. RLC members have access to a variety of exclusive miniatures, including classic car models, racing vehicles and never-before-seen concept cars.

Atualizado / Updated: 05/Apr/2024

These are the 2024 Hot Wheels RLC:

2024 Hot Wheels RLC details

Membership cars

  1. Kawa-Bug-A – Spectaflame dark green with white stripes on sides, opening rear hood and white interior.

RLCs models

  1. ’71 AMC Javelin AMX – Spectraflame root beer with “Grandma’s Kitchen” motif, ‘70s-style panels, tan and brown interior.
  2. 1972 Skyline H/T 2000GT-R – Spectraflame true Black and Red with manufacturer logos, traditional “ADVAN” livery on hood and sides, #6 racing number.
  3. Elite 64 Pandem Datsun 280ZX – White with blue, white and red graphics, Hot Wheels logo, black interior, tinted smoke windows.
  4. McLaren F1 – Spectraflame dark orange with a matte black interior, 5 spoke wheels and tinted smoke windows.
  5. Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4²  – Spectraflame blue with light smoke-tinted windows, black interior with brown details.


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