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Articles, news, new releases and curiosities about diecast miniatures and cars.

As a collector I have always enjoyed researching the history of brands, miniatures, discovering new releases and news about diecast cars. Although there is a lot of good stuff on the internet, sometimes it is difficult to search. This is because most of the time the sale ads occupy the first results in the search. With that in mind, I decided to launch this page to publish articles with news, new releases and curiosities from the world of diecast miniatures.

I’m also talking to other collectors who are interested in the history of miniatures and who, soon, will also be collaborating with our page. And if you are also interested in the history of miniatures, and want to participate in the project, contact me! I believe we can create a cool source of information for all collectors!

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(Even though we already have a lot of published articles, most of them are still in Portuguese. But we are working to translate them as soon as possible)

Herbie Volkswagen Bug

Herbie Volkswagen Bug: this beetle conquered generations on movie screens. See miniatures from different brands and customizers.

Matchbox History

Learn about Matchbox history, how it started, the first releases, major changes over the years and much more.

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