1998 Treasure Hunts Series

1998 Treasure Hunts Series

Released in 1995, the Treasure Hunts Series featured 12 models a year, with one released each month. The miniatures came with a special spectraflame paint and rubber tires. The models released in the 1998 Treasure Hunts Series are:

  • Twang Thang – Black with blue ‘Treasure Hunt 98’ and Hot Wheels logo on nose. Clear windows with chrome interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Scorchin’ Scooter – Metalflake dark red with black and yellow checkered design on sides. Black wheels with white rim.
  • Kenworth T-600A – Metalflake purple with orange and silver ‘Treasure Hunt 98’ on sides. Tinted black windows with no interior. Chrome wheels.
  • 3-Window ’34 – Orange with yellow and orange flames. Clear windows with black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Turbo Flame – Chrome with black and green checkered desing and Hot Wheels logo on sides. Tinted green windows with chrome interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Saltflat Race – Black with Red and black design on sides. Tinted red windows with gold chrome interior and chrome wheels.
  • Street Beast – Red with black pinstripes. Tinted red windows with white interior. Gold wheels.
  • Road Rocket – Chrome with black and red ‘TH-98’ on sides and Hot Wheels logo on spoiler. Clear plastic cover. No windows with black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Sol-Aire CX-4 – Metallic white with red and blue USA flag design. Clear windows and blue interior. White wheels.
  • ’57 Chevy – Metalflake dark green, with black, silver, and gold checkered pattern. Tinted yellow windows with yellow interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Corvette Stingray III – Silver with checkered desing and Hot Wheels logo on sides, Corvette logo on hood. Tinted with red interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Way 2 Fast – Black gold with red stripes, white circle with ‘1’ tampos. No windows and chrome interior. Chrome wheels.

The Treasure Hunts Series started in 1995. There were several changes until we reached the current series, divided between the Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts.

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