1999 Treasure Hunts Series

1999 Treasure Hunts Series

Released in 1995, the Treasure Hunts Series featured 12 models a year, with one released each month. The miniatures came with a special spectraflame paint and rubber tires.

These are the Treasure Hunts Series 1999:

  • Mercedes 540K – Red with gold and black graphics. Clear windows and black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • T-Bird Stocker – Blue with red, yellow, black, and white graphics. Sponsor logos, ‘T.Hunter’, and number ’12’ on sides. clear windows with yellow interior. Chrome wheels.
  • ’97 Corvette – Metalflake light purple with gold, red, and white stripe design, ‘nineteen 99’ on sides. Tinted smoke windows and gold interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Rigor Motor – Neon yellow, black, red, and silver flames on top. Tinted yellow windows with chrome interior. Gold chrome wheels.
  • Ferrari F512M – Yellow with Ferrari emblem on front and rear, silver, black, and red light details. Clear windows with black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • ’59 Impala – Metalflake purple with light purple, red, gold, and black artwork on sides and hood. ‘TH’ logo on doors, Hot Wheels logo on sides. Tinted purple windows and white interior. Gold chrome wheels.
  • Hot Wheels 500 – Black with orange and white design. No windows with black interior. Black wheels with ‘Treasure Hunt’ written on tires.
  • Jaguad D-Type – Metalflake black, red, gold, and white stripes with ‘TH’ logos on sides and front. Clear windows and gold interior. Chrome wheels.
  • ’32 Ford Delivery – Metalflake gold with ‘T Hunter’ and ‘Hunter Delivery’ on sides. Clear windows and purple interior. Gold Chrome wheels.
  • Hot Seat – Clear with red, black, and white ‘TH’ logo on side. Chrome wheels.
  • Mustang Mach I – Metalflake dark green with black tampos and white striping. Clear windows and black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Express Lane – Purple with Treasure Hunt flame logo. No windows and black interior. Gold wheels.

The Treasure Hunts Series started in 1995. There were several changes until we reached the current series, divided between the Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts.

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