2003 Hot Wheels RLC

2003 Hot Wheels RLC

2003 Hot Wheels RLC. RLCs are released throughout the year, most of the time, in a limited run. RLC stands for Red Line Club, the Hot Wheels collectors club. RLC members have access to a variety of exclusive miniatures, including classic car models, racing vehicles and never-before-seen concept cars.

These are the 2003 Hot Wheels RLC:

2003 Hot Wheels RLC details:

Membership cars

  1. 2003 Custom Mustang – chrome with red stripes
  2. 2003 Custom Mustang – chrome with blue stripes
  3. 2003 Custom Mustang – chrome with black stripes


  1. ’67 Pontiac GTO – metallic light blue with white stripes, clear windows and white interior.
  2. ’71 Plymouth GTX – spectraflame green with large black stripes, clear windows and white interior.
  3. Poison Pinto – spectraflame dark red with 2-tone red flame graphics, clear windows and black interior.
  4. ’56 Ford – spectraflame purple with flames on sides, clear windows and chrome interior.

There’s a rumor about a ’67 Pontiac GTO made in spectraflame steel blue with only 1000 units made. Apparently this started because a promo poster was made with the model in this color but no one could ever produced a carded version of this model to validate this rumor.

Flying Customs

  1. Customized Volkswagen Drag Bus – black
  2. Surfin’ School Bus – black
  3. Dairy Delivery – metallic dark orange
  4. ’79s Van – blue

Super Chromos

  1. Beach Bomb Too – chrome
  2. Ferrari P4 – chrome
  3. Whip Creamer – chrome
  4. Bye Focal – chrome


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Thanks to Daniel from @dcscollectionbr for his help finding all the photos. Click here to see his Instagram with photos of various miniatures and live diecast hunts in the USA.