2004 Treasure Hunts Series

2004 Treasure Hunts Series

The twelve models released in the 2004 Treasure Hunts Series came a special spectraflame paint and rubber tires.

These are the models from the 2004 Treasure Hunts Series:

  • Pontiac Bonneville 1965 – Flat lavender with Black and Pearl Lavender flames, TH logo on back window. Tinted windows and black interior. Chrome wheels.
  • GT-03 – Deep red and black with Grey “GT-03” on sides. Tinte windows and red interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Cadillac Cien – Black with Light Red and Dark Red flames. TH logo on rear window. Tinted windows and white interior. Chrome wheels with a red line on tires.
  • Double Demon – Metallic gold with Orange, Red, and White tribal designs. TH Logo on roof. Tinted orange windows and orange interior. Chrome wheels with a white line on tires.
  • Super Smooth – Metalflake brown and a champagne roof, with Black and Gold flame tampos on sides, “TH” logo on back cover. Tinted smoke windows and black interior. Gold wheels.
  • Splittin’ Image – Metallic pearl white with Black flame design outlined in Lavender. TH Logo and “35 Years of Racing” on front. Tinted purple windows and chrome wheels.
  • Altered State – Metallic pearl yellow with Red, Yellow, and White flame design outlined in Black. TH Logos on sides. No windows and black interior. Chrome wheels with a white line on rear tires.
  • Morris Wagon – Metallic gold and black with White Black and Gold designs. TH logos on doors. Tinted windows and silver interior. Chrome wheels with Goodyear on front tires.
  • Whip Creamer II – Satin green and white with White, Black and Green stripes. Th Logo, “Hot Wheels” and “T.H. 004”. Tinte windows and chrome interior. Chrome wheels with white line on tires.
  • Tantrum – Metallic dark red with Black and Silver flame design with TH logo on hood. Tinted smoke windows, black and chrome interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Audacious – Pear white with ellow, Orange and White Flames. “Hot Wheels” on sides. TH logo on roof. Tinted orange windows and tan interior. Chrome wheels.
  • Meyers Manx – Metallic blue with Black, White and Orange design. ’04’ and TH logo on front. Tinted blue windows and white interior. Chrome wheels with ‘T Hunt 04’ and ‘Meyers Manx’ written on tires.

The Treasure Hunts Series started in 1995. There were several changes until we reached the current series, divided between the Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts.

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