Herbie Volkswagen Bug

herbie volkswagen fusca

Herbie Volkswagen Bug

Herbie is the iconic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle that won the hearts of kids (and adults alike) in several Walt Disney movies . There were 6 movies released between 1968 and 2005 that featured Herbie as the main protagonist.  

The had a pearl white paint, 3 stripes (which went from the front bumper to the rear bumper) in red, white and blue, and the number 53 on the hood, doors and engine cover. It also had a sunroof and 1968 California OFP 857 plates.

The font used for number 53 was created by a designer on the Disney art team. It has been altered in the Herbie of the last two movies with thinner numbers than in the original Herbie. 

The last film also featured a restyled Herbie, with air intakes on the sides and an airfoil at the rear. But it undergoes some changes during the film, loses the air intakes, and changes the airfoil.

Herbie Miniatures

Because it is such an iconic car, several manufacturers have created their own versions in different scales. In addition, customizers around the world create their own versions. From rust  to exact replicas of the original car, there are many versions created. Check out some: 

Herbie Tuttomini
This one was made by me! I chose to make a sportier version, with sport wheels with rubber tires and removal of the bumpers. The original miniature is the one shown in the first photo. 

Herbie I.S. Customs
These two versions were made by Itamar Soares from IS Customs. Itamar is a very well-known customizer and does an amazing job on such a small scale. Visit IS Customs Instagram to see more of his amazing work: https://www.instagram.com/iscustoms/ 

Hot Wheels Elite 1:18

Hot Wheels 1:64

herbie volkswagen fusca


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