2021 Hot Wheels RLC ’64 Impala Lowrider

Hot Wheels Impala Lowrider

2021 Hot Wheels RLC ’64 Impala Lowrider

On November 23rd, Hot Wheels will release another exclusive miniature for members of the RLC (Red Line Club): The Snowman. The miniature is a 1964 Impala lowrider. But do you know what a lowrider is?

Lowriders appeared in Los Angeles, California in the late 40s and became popular in the 50s. The people who started this automotive culture were young Mexican-Americans who lowered their cars, leaving them as close to the ground as possible.

In 1958, California changed its Traffic Code, making it illegal to drive these cars. The following year, customizer Ron Aguirre developed a system using hydraulic pumps that allowed the vehicle’s height to be changed in relation to the ground at the touch of a button. Then, between 1960 and 1975, customizers adapted and refined this system to create the modern lowrider style.

In the 90s, lowriders became closely associated with the hip hop movement in California. Several singers such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Game, Warren G, Eazy-E, among others, featured lowriders in their videos.

The Chevrolet Impala played an important role in this automotive culture. It was released in 1958 with an X-shaped chassis (X-Frame), different from the standard automobile chassis at the time. And this shape was perfectly suitable for lowering and for adaptation with the hydraulic system that allowed to car to be lowered of lifted. According to Chevrolet, this new type of chassis was safer and allowed the passenger compartment to be lower.

Hot Wheels RLC ’64 Impala Lowrider

The Hot Wheels model of the Impala 64 that will be released on the 23rd has adjustable and articulated suspension, light blue spectraflame paint with pinstripes and snowflakes on the sides, hood, trunk and roof. It also has “The Snowman” written on the back of the sides, “Nice” on the passenger side and “Naughty” on the driver’s side. And also a personalized California license plate with “Frio” written on it. It comes in a box with a felt-lined case.

30 thousand units will be offered for sale. Each vehicle comes with an individually numbered sticker. The price: US$30.

Interested? First you need to be a member of the Red Line Club. Then just wait for the sale that will start on 11/23/2021 at 2:00 pm (Brasília time) and get in line to try to purchase this miniature.

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