Ford F-75 1:43

Ford F-75 1:43

The F-75 was released by the Brazilian Ford in 1970. Produced until 1982, its body remained unchanged throughout its production. But its story began much earlier, in the 1950s. In 1952, Willys opened its Brazilian branch (Willys-Overland do Brasil) to assemble the Jeep. During the following years, new models were launched by Willys, including the Rural, which was a Brazilian version of the Jeep Station Wagon released in the United States. 

In 1960, Rural was restyled and its pickup version, the Pick-up Jeep, was released. One of the options offered was 4×4 traction. With that, it was the first Brazilian pickup truck to offer this option. One of the great attractions of the pickup was its load capacity, which carried almost 800 kg in its bed. It was tough and robust and ended up being the favorite of farmers and ranchers.

At the end of the 60’s “Willys-Overland do Brasil” was bought by Ford. And in 1970, with no body changes, the pickup truck was renamed the F-75. Many F-75s were adapted having the bed, originally made of metal, replaced by wooden beds. And some were adapted to box trucks. 

A military version, called the F-220, was also released. This version was widely used by the Brazilian Armed Forces and was even exported to other countries. This version later became known as the F-85 after its sale was allowed to the civilian public at army auctions.

1981 Ford F-75

The photos were kindly provided by  Pastore Car Collection, which specializes in the sale of collectible vehicles.

Ford F-75 1:43 Miniature

In 2012, Planeta Deagostini released the collection “Carros Inesquecíveis do Brasil” (Unforgettable Cars of Brazil) with miniatures of various important models from the Brazilian automotive industry since the 50s.

Issue number 67 came with a 1980 Ford F-75 miniature. The miniature is very well detailed, like most that are part of this collection. And that’s when this author’s dream began. The F-75 was part of my childhood and adolescence. My grandfather had this pickup, but adapted with a wooden bed. 

Looking for miniature customizers, I found several who said they would 3D print the bucket, with the floor covered in wood. However, not satisfied with the solution, I continued to look for someone who would make the entire bucket out of wood. 

I ended up finding Renato from Studio 74 Kustoms. I don’t even remember how I found his Instagram. However, his work impressed me. I got in touch, explained the project and he, in addition to saying he could do it, was as excited as I was to make it a reality. 

So here is this beautiful miniature, super detailed that, in addition to being an amazing piece in my collection, is a very good memory for my family.

Original Miniature

The Customization

The Finished Miniature


Distributor: Planeta Deagostini
Collection: Carros Inesquecíveis do Brasil
Scale: 1:43
Dimensions: approximately 12,5 cm x 4,5 cm x 4,5 cm (length x width x height)
Original color: red
Finished color: Orange (automotive paint)
Material used on the bed: Balsa wood

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